JPMorgan Chase & Co. Financial Analysis and Planning Report and Executive Management Presentation

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APA, PROVIDE RESOURCES: 14 Pages Total Plus PowerPoint Presentation (More Details in attachment on Pages & Assignment)


Assume you are a senior financial manager at a JPMorgan Chase & Co. In preparation for an upcoming strategic planning meeting, you have been asked to review the company’s financial performance, analyze market conditions to predict its future performance, and make recommendations regarding potential investment opportunities and managing risk. To prepare for the meeting, you will create two artifacts to share with the rest of the executive management team: a background financial analysis and planning report, supported by appropriate data analysis and forecasting, and a brief PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) highlighting your key findings and recommendations. You may make reasonable assumptions regarding company details, as needed, to inform your suggestions. However, you must specify these assumptions and explain why they are reasonable clearly in your report and presentation.

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