500-word Compensation Evaluation

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Assignment Content

  1. You were hired to work as a HR Consultant for a small local hospital, with the task of expanding the workforce of certified medical assistants. Looking at the three current medical assistants, you find a discrepancy in compensation between Susi, a 2-year employee at $28,000, Tom, 5-year employee at $27,000, and Raul, a 10-year employee at $33,000. All are employed as certified medical assistants, yet they all make different amounts of money. According to survey data, all three employees are below the market rate for this job in the local job market. All three employees are also exemplary employees with near perfect scores in their most recent performance evaluation.

  2. Write a minimum 500-word paper that includes the following:·
  3. Explain potential legitimate reasons and illegitimate reasons for the discrepancy in pay among the employees.·
  4. Describe the strategy you would take to correct the internal equity issue.·
  5. Describe the strategy you would take to correct the external equity issue.·
  6. Explain how you will ensure that new hires will be paid equitably both internally and externally.·
  7. Explain how an organization’s total compensation strategy affects an organization’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.

Cite all sources using APA citation style and

format your paper consistent with UOP’s APA guidelines.

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