Week 4: Discussion 4

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Week 4: Discussion 4

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Discussion 4 – Revision

First post due by Wednesday, 11:59p.m. (MT), and at least two additional posts or responses by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. (MT) (60 points).

Due Dates and Participation Requirements
Learning Objectives Covered

  • Practice and use the third step the Writing process, the revision phase, by identifying revision best practices and strong revisions.



Revision is about “re-seeing” your work. “Genuine revision involves casting clear eyes on your work viewing as though you’re a reader rather than a writer” (Nadell, 2011).

Review the materials in the Course Media page under Week 3 and this handout on receiving feedback. As you read the ideas on the importance of receiving feedback, think about how you can offer strong feedback to your fellow peers. for a complete discussion of revision strategy, then prepare to help your fellow students revise a paragraph from their paper.

Prep Work

Your prep work for this discussion is related to your Week 3 draft. You will want to have at least one paragraph from your draft written. Most students find it helpful to post their introduction with their thesis statement, however you are welcome to post any paragraph you would like help with. For example, if you are unsure of how well you are incorporating your sources in your body paragraphs, you could post one of those paragraphs for feedback.

Discussion Prompt

Post one of your paragraphs from your draft you would like an extra set of eyes on. When you post your paragraph, include:

  • Where this paragraph fits in your paper (ex. introduction, 2nd body paragraph, conclusion, etc.)
  • What you would like feedback on (ex. sentence structure, word choice, source integration)

In your two replies, provide constructive feedback on the paragraph in your classmate’s post:

  • What are the paragraph’s strengths?
  • How could the paragraph be improved?
  • If this was your paper, how would you write the paragraph? What choices would you make, and why?
  • Are there any errors in grammar, sentence structure, or word choice?

Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time and using proper grammar, spelling, etc. You’re training to be a professional—write like it.

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