eng2206 discussion at least 250 words

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To Read: Voltaire, Candide p. 369-431 (Vol. D)Bashō, “From The Narrow Road to the Deep North” p. 682-694 (Vol. D)

To Complete: Discussion posts (Week #2: Both Candide and the segment we’re reading from The Narrow Road to the Deep North involve travel. What is an important idea that comes across in each text regarding travel or movement and why it might be important? You do need to include at least one specific example from each text, although the overall idea you focus on does not have to be the same for both texts. You can see something different in Voltaire’s story than you do in Basho’s travelogue. )Discussion at least 250 words.Need your own ideas and don’t learn from others’ ideas , finish them at the appointed time.

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