write about loner and the social network movie (2010)

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Since these discussions are taking the place of Tuesday’s class, please make them longer please, around 400 words.

By Wednesday night, write anything about Loner up to p. 106 (up to Chapter 10). As always, include two quotes and analyze, think of a theme you see emerging, and connect the novel with two of the four following (you might have to WIKI some of this before I lecture about it):

*Loner and The Social Network movie (2010)

*Loner and Lolita (Nabokov)

*Loner and Toxic Masculinity

*(more personal) Loner and first-year college experience. By NO means am I asking for relationship details, but more stuff David navigates like roommates, new friends, endless campus “events,” ignoring parents phone calls, stupid posters on the walls, etc.

Thursday, after talking about Paper 1 and giving a brief lecture on this novel, I’d like you to do some group work research on the dozens if not hundreds of intertext allusions in this novel. We met this in We Are Okay, but this book has them all over the place, Most notable are Lolita (1957), the class David takes on the Tragic Male in American Literature, the class Veronica takes on Gender and Consumerism, “the male gaze/ scopophilia,” the question whether Veronica is simply a cartoon written by/and imagined by a ridiculous man (Prufrock), The Social Network, what “Seeing backwards” means (both David and Veronica have a sort of emotional dyslexia) etc. Might want to think if you want to be in any of these groups!

Take care:)

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