Persuasive Essay! URGENT! Question attached!

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Attached is the entire things that are needed to complete it and you will be compensated fully with tip if good job.

Please follow everything to a ‘T’ because it is considered a final exam. 50% of the full grade.

The question is found below: but it is also bolded in the attachment named ‘ILS 4190 Final Spring 18’

PLEASE FOLLOW THE EXAMS EVAL CRITERIA ! IT IS IMPORTANT! ‘articles sources’ are the 3 sources that should be used within this persuasive essay. Nothing more nothing less!


Often our readings suggest that those who use the word evil to accuse others are often the ones who are frequently unethical themselves and, in a few cases, actually guilty of committing crimes against individuals and/or humanity. History furthermore suggests that the word evil is often used to discriminate against and disenfranchise individuals and groups by invoking fear of those who are different in some way.

Using three (3) of the works we have covered during the second half of the term decide who can best define evil and how we can guard against individuals and groups who use the term evil to abuse the innocent by invoking fear.

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