Diagnostic Essay

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The Diagnostic Essay helps your instructor understand your needs as a writer and student. Having this information will allow the instructor to tailor the course to the needs of the group.

You will complete this essay in class on Day 2 and turn it in online. Follow the prompt below.

Prompt: Hobbies and Inspiration

Using your best writing skills, compose a short essay that introduces a hobby or an activity other than school-related work, from which you draw inspiration to be a better student. Use specific details and examples to illustrate your topic.

You may interpret this “something” as widely or as narrowly as you like. It can be anything you do in your spare time or as a public service, or it can be a job you perform that has a vocational aspect to it. Its inspiration or influence can also be wide-ranging: a study skill, a study habit, an attitude about school, a change in your routines to accommodate school, or even something more indirectly related–paying closer attention to the world around you; listening to others’ opinions; and so on. It’s up to you.

Just remember to use your best writing skills: develop good, sound sentences; use your best vocabulary. Write to impress me, but try to have some fun with topic, too. Think of a good title for your paragraph other than “Diagnostic Writing Sample.”

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