“Psychologist for a Day” Project

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Lesson 9

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“Psychologist for a Day” Project

Students have been
appointed to be a psychologist for an important figure in a leadership role who
is experiencing stress from work. The students are to investigate the
person’s life (called a case study) and how mindfulness leadership could
improve the person’s work life and life in general. The deliverable is a plan
to alleviate stress using mindful leadership.

The students are to
pick mindfulness activities learned throughout the course.

1.) Brainstorm and research the life
a popular politician, well-known actress/actor, bestselling author,
historical figure, professional athlete, famous CEO, etc. Be sure to investigate
the person’s personality, work ethic, hobbies, relationships, public behavior,
and choices.

2.) Research
different mindfulness practices that might help this person.

3.) Discuss why you chose these specific
mindful activities.

4.) Connect how these practices could
apply to the person’s life.

5.) Design a plan on how you could encourage these
practices in the person’s life.

6.) Support your findings in a Prezi, Powerpoint, presentation with readings, research, and APA citations.

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