questions about The movie Moneyball

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number of pages doesn’t matter as long as all the questions are fully answerd

The movie Moneyball has been identified as an excellent example of change management.

The manager of the Oakland A’s, Billy Beane, must act as a change agent for the baseball team.

Note: Although there are differences between the movie and reality, for the purposes of our discussion, we will only consider the events in the movie.

Watch the movie Moneyball and then answer the following questions:

1)What were the conditions that created the need for change with the Oakland A’s? Consider not only the loss of players, but also consider the conditions in the industry itself.

2)What actions did Billy Beane take to ensure that the new method was used? Consider his interactions with all of the stakeholders (players, manager, scouts, owner etc.) and be specific.

3)Discuss the risks and rewards Billy Beane was facing as the change agent. Be specific and consider them from the viewpoint of the team as well as personally for Beane.

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