Palestine and Israel Relations Two short Essays Assignments

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Assignment 1:

Secure and watch any two films from the list below and write a 600-word comparative critique of them. Your critique should first identify the film director and the main plot of each film, and then present how each film relates to Israeli-Palestinian relations as well as any ethical issues in such relations, if relevant. Make sure to footnote, endnote, or reference your critique.

*Movies listed in file attached*

Assignment 2:

Israelis and Palestinians are still in conflict, with major disagreements over several issues, including (a) the state borders of Israel and Palestine, (b) Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, (c) the status of Jerusalem, (d) the Palestinian refugees and their right to return, (e) security arrangements between Israel and Palestine, and the creation of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine. Select any one issue and write a 750-word essay, consisting of the Israeli perspective on it, the Palestinian perspective on it, and your own perspective or bridging narrative. You are welcome to use maps, figures, and graphs to illustrate your essay.

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