Intro to Mass Communication

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1. Take the Rate Your Bias quiz ( Describe your self-reported results. How do you think your existing beliefs affect your perceptions of media bias?

2. Spend some time looking at the different examples of News Bias ( Select an issue that is important/interesting to you. Which article do you feel is the best? Why? According to the website, is the article biased or balanced? Do you agree/disagree? Explain. How did your reading of the article and attention to possible media bias affect your perception of the article and the issue? Explain.

3. Go to . Look at the 20 major media outlets and their bias score. What stands out to you? Why? Which media do you/your family use regularly? How is your perception of news potentially influenced by bias? After reflecting on your personal exposure to media bias and the overall list of 20 reported here, do you think media bias is an important issue for Americans? Why or why not?

4. Go to

Briefly describe 3 key things you have learned about media bias after reading this blog.

5. Based on everything you have learned about media bias from taking the survey, looking at actual news articles and reading the blog, discuss why media bias is something significant to pay attention to and discuss how media consumers should interact with media knowing that media bias is unavoidable.

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