Developing a youth program

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EDF 4650 Final Exam:

You are in
charge of developing a youth program for your organization. You
can choose if it is an after school program, a summer program, or a
preschool program. Choose the age group you plan to work with,
and decide on your audience (your organization or the families you
will serve).

the resources throughout this course, develop a comprehensive
plan for your program. Make sure you refer to the resources used in
this course, or any others you find, and cite using APA

  • Create a formal
    business plan proposal that outlines and explains all of these items
    in a minimum of three complete pages-(approximately 1-2 paragraphs
    for each bulleted item above). Use APA
    . ** You may refer back to your past submissions and use
    some of your plans and procedures, but do not paste it all together
    and submit. This should be a comprehensive plan. Proofread for
    language conventions. All work must be your own.

Your plan must
include (
but is not limited to):

  • Type of
    program, age group of children served, audience for the plan (are
    you writing the plan for your organization and staff? Are you
    writing this for the families? The community?).
  • A mission or
    vision statement that encompasses your program’s core values.
    The values should reflect the code of ethics you reviewed in the
  • A health and
    nutrition plan through appropriate meal and snack plans and physical
    activity plans.
  • Procedures
    (document and report policies) for general ethical dilemmas in
    identifying indicators of issues regarding staff and youth
  • A plan to
    maintain safety in the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Safety
    procedures in the event of emergency drills (fire drill, lockdown,
    etc) and drop off and pick up procedures.
  • Procedures for
    limiting exposure to common illnesses and disease in youth and for
    handling medicine and prescriptions.
  • A procedure for
    identifying and reporting signs of abuse or neglect.
  • A plan for
    addressing different learning skills in youth.
  • Correct word
    choice, citations, spelling, and grammar

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