Company Horizontal/Vertical/Ratio/Competitor Calculations

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In this course project, you will complete and submit your project Excel spreadsheet. You will perform vertical calculations, horizontal calculations and ratio calculations for Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. You will locate and record competitor information on the spreadsheet.

You will use these calculations to prepare the analysis report. The calculations are due this module, and the report is due in the next module. You may start working on the report as soon as you finish the calculations.

  1. Use the template you completed in Module 02. For this project, use the Module 04 worksheet on the template. Make any changes your instructor has suggested from your Module 02 work.
  2. Complete the vertical calculations for two most current years, using Excel formulas.
  3. Complete the horizontal calculations using the current and previous year. Use Excel formulas for all calculations.
  4. Complete the company financial ratios using Excel formulas.
  5. Locate and record competitor ratios.

Remember, after submitting your spreadsheet, you can start working on the analysis paper for Module 5. Use the information from the spreadsheet and previous modules to complete your paper.

Additional Material

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