reachers about Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

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  • The body of knowledge is Management field is ever expanding. Effective management requires keeping current in one’s field. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to popular literature and research in management. Using our library resources, locate article(s) that describes or deals with one of the topics related to our course. Submit a brief (2-3 pages, single space) summary. A total of four (4) summaries are required. See the Course Schedule for due dates. Include the following information
    • Course Name and Number, Course Section, Date (2 points)
    • Your name
    • What caught your interest or why did you decide to summarize the article(s)? (3 points)
    • The summary of articles (5 points)
    • You conclusions or take away from the item (3 points)
    • Reference/Citation-Minimum 3 for each paper (2 points)

The reachers is about Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures. (pleas make sure to use simple English.)

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