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You will pick an organization (NBA) National Basketball Association (PLAYERS) and write about it in terms of the four frames (you will write about all four frames). What is its structure? Human source? Political? Symbolic? Use the information you collect and answers to the Org Analysis Questions (LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE) as a guide to analyze the company in relation to the four frames. PLEASE FOCUS ON THE PLAYERS AS A WHOLE

The structure for what I want is listed below. I would highly suggest using headings and subheadings. Do not forget that you will need in text citations and a Reference Page. I will expect your paper to include a significant number of references to the course texts and readings. This means between 3-5 references. Text, citations, and references must follow APA style guidelines.

Structure of Paper

1. Introduction: description of setting, introduction of the major themes or central arguments of the paper, and description of how you conducted the study

2. Structural analysis

3. Human resource analysis

4. Political analysis

5. Symbolic analysis

6. Conclusion: discussion of element in sections 2 through 5, synthesis of findings, and recommendations for organizational change

Methods for data collection: (1) Analysis of documents or public resources – Internet search for scholarly articles, internet searches for other documents or articles; analysis of documents or public resources (memos, reports, handbooks, publicity releases, and so on); (2) direct observation of organization events and behavior; (3) conversations or interviews with participants in the organization (who might include managers, employees, clients, and so on); (4) field experiment; that is, taking some action to see how the organization responds. A simple example would be to order an item that is not on the menu at a restaurant

This is supposed to be an ANALYSIS of the four frames in relation to the organization. Utilize the four frames presented by Bolman and Deal to analyze and assess your chosen organization.The final product will be a double-spaced, 7-10 page document (including title page, references, appendices, etc.)

Org Analysis Questions

1.What are the stated goals of the organization? Who determined them?

2. Do people in the organization agree about what the important goals are?

3. How are activities coordinated

4. How are decisions typically made? Who is responsible, and how are others involved?

5. What roles have been established? How complex is the role structure? What is the organizational chart like?

6. How diverse are the social and educational backgrounds and skills of the people in the organization? What are their social styles? What is the range in ages?

7. How do people feel about their work? What seems to motivate them? Do people look healthy and happy? Do they appear to enjoy their work?

8. What are the existing levels of turnover, absenteeism, sabotage, goldbricking, and employee grievances?

9. What kinds of small work groups or informal cliques seem to exist? How were they formed? How do people treat each other in these smaller settings?

10. Who are the recognized people of power? How centralized does the power and strategic order seem to be? Does the power apply across issues, or is it restricted to specific issues or areas?

11. What issues produce conflict? How are powerful people mobilized? How do they exercise their power? How are conflicts resolved?

12. How do people of power relate to people who are relatively powerless, and vice versa? Is there evidence of inappropriate use of power?

13. Is there much bargaining or negotiation around events, or are issues decided in back rooms?

14. What are the organization’s core values? How are they displayed? Do they seem to make sense? How widely known and shared are the values? Do they have meaning for people? Do they appear to arouse sentiment? How have they changed over time?

15. Is there a visionary hero or heroine at the helm? In the recent or distant past? What is he or she like? Does he or she represent and embody the core values? Inspire emotion in people? Is his or her picture displayed on the wall? Is he or she portrayed in well-known stories?

16. How would you describe the location of the organization?

17. How is the safety of employees affected by the physical setting, equipment, and so forth?

18. How stable is the environment? How often do major changes or demographic shifts occur? How predictable are the changes?

19. How do the various parts of the organization (human resource, political, structural, symbolic) relate to the environment?

20. What resources does the organization provide to the environment? How dependent is the environment on the organization? How tangible are the resources the organization provides?

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