Abstract for a creative project and another paragraph

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    • Similar to an abstract for a research paper, this is a brief summary of your paper (150-200 words). In this section, you should provide information about your adolescent development topic, and (briefly) describe your creative project (i.e., what did you produce? For whom?). Be sure to state why this topic/creative project is important and how it relates to educational outcomes/experiences of adolescents.
    • As a group, we created a website: https://techsafeandsane.weebly.com/?fbclid=IwAR28F…, our website seeks to help educators and parents protect adolescents by equipping them with insight on technological issues regarding: social relations, cyberbullying, stalking, security, and education.
    • I need another paragraph for this question: “Provide a detailed description of what you produced for your creative project”. , I worked on the cyberbullying tab of the website, so talk about that. An example of what one of my peers wrote for hers is——“Another tab of the website focuses on shedding light on stalking. With 90% of adolescents using and posting about their lives on social media, the majority of them are putting themselves at risk or unknowingly taking part in stalking as well (Ryan et al., 2016, p.175). As convenient as it is for them to post their lives online, access to such information becomes readily available for the rest of the world. This section focuses on introducing techniques and resources on how to set privacy settings on electronic devices to protect one’s information from being seen by others through posting informative websites like Let’s Talk Teens. There will also be posts outlining what stalking behavior consists of as ⅓ of adolescents engage in stalker-like behaviors intentionally and unintentionally (Ybarra MPH Ph.D., 2016). Students often do not perceive stalking actions online to be as bad, but there are still emotional and physical consequences if not monitored. By understanding what stalking is, adolescents can be more aware of whether they are stalking others, or being stalked and turn for help. Naturally, the website will also provide references so that adults and adolescents alike can learn about how to collect evidence and report stalking. Through defining and providing practical options for educators to introduce to students regarding stalking, adolescents can protect themselves and peers from such events.” See the website for my cyberbully tab!

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