Founding Father: Jonathan Dayton

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  • Provide a brief political background of your person ( 1 page)
  • The state the person represented, the population of the state in 1790, the major source of income of the state, the major occupations of the state’s citizens (1 page)
  • The political ideology of the person (1/2 page)
  • The contributions he made to his state and its people (laws he may have created, etc.) (1/2 page)
  • Political, social and economic achievements (1 page)
  • Infer how this person would feel about his state today. In order to do this you must provide: 2010 population, industries, occupations, GNP, population breakdown based on race, religion and ethnicities, political leanings (is it primarily a blue or red state today)and economic status (1-2 pages)

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