Response Paper Assignment

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The Context of Traditional American Values.pdf 

Response Paper Assignment

We have been working on critical reading, annotation, and summary. Now it’s time to write a response paper. In a response paper, the writer must summarize, analyze, and evaluate a reading. This will require some critical thinking.

For your response paper, you will focus on paragraphs 1-31 of “The Context of Traditional American Values” the second chapter in American Ways that is I will sent to you. Prepare to begin writing your paper by rereading the chapter through paragraph 31 and looking over your annotations and summaries.

Your response paper should include all of the following:

• The title of the chapter and a brief overview.
• A summary of the chapter. This will require revising the summaries you have written for each section of the chapter. You will rewrite your summaries into one summary.
• Your reactions to the article. This might include referring to other things you know about the topic, experiences that you have had, and observations you have made. 
• Your evaluation of the article. Consider these questions: Did the author give you enough information so that you can understand his/her points? Are you left with questions or doubts? Did the author achieve his/her purpose? Is the information in the chapter good or bad?
• Correct in text citations and a Works Cited list.

Your paper should have at least four paragraphs, and be typed and double spaced.

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