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you wrote 2D already, i want you to finish 2E section. i will upload 2D below

2D(the one you wrote) Read the prompt for 2E (see prompt below), and consider which questions you want to explore. Articulate a working claim (the claim should appear in bold). (the claim( theis statement) should include three elements, 1, they say: what is the author’s main argument. 2, the gap, what is the author didn’t take account in, 3 i say: what is my argument)

Then, produce a one-page introduction that raises a debatable question and contextualizes your working main claim. Continue on to create a discovery draft. 2 pages.

2E(the one you should write). In Unit 1, we considered questions about the relationship between education and work, specifically focusing on how our education can help us fashion our identities, use available resources, and find meaning in work. In Unit 2, we’ve taken a closer look at the ideas of a smaller group of authors about the current factors and obstacles shaping our academic, professional, and personal lives.

Using at least one of the Unit 2 authors and one additional source(not outside source but the unit 1 source i uploaded): 1) analyze the arguments in the course conversation about whichever theme you find appealing—e.g., personal, professional, or financial success, the successful approaches to the twenty-first century, and so on; then 2) suggest a gap in the current conversation, and 3) make the move to add to the conversation.

As with Unit 1, this paper must be able to be understood by those who have not read the authors you discuss. Be sure to articulate clearly how your work is making an original contribution to the ongoing academic conversation in our course texts. In addition to the Unit 2 texts, you may also draw on any Unit 1 material, but you may not draw on outside sources.

unit one reading: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2013/07/30/we-dont-need-more-humanities-majors/?arc404=true

unit two reading; https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/05/the-confidence-gap/359815/

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