Need political science help to Edit “Kazakhstan-Israel Relations” research paper

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I need to fix my research paper “30 pages” because my professor give me his feedback.

He left comments in the paper, you can find it in blue color. Also, he has the following general comments:

– you will need to have a native English-speaker edit the final version for you.

– you need to use updated data and information for the paper since right now it mostly goes back to mid-2000s.

– many passages in the paper are repetitive. Please read it again and I am sure you’ll see it yourself.

you need to be more specific, i.e., include more facts and data, since
very often you use generic statements, repeating them throughout the

– fix the references, make it in Chicago style. Also, make footnotes just write (Author, year) under the pages.

– Make sure the research paper is 30 pages long.

I will attach the research paper later.

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