Need help to write on: Can cyberspace(think internet)be regulated world -wide? Why or why not?

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Can cyberspace (think internet) be regulated world -wide?  Why or why not? 

Submit at least 1000 words FOR ALL POSTS.  POST DIRECTLY IN BLACKBOARD – no word attachments.  WORD COUNT ONLY GRADED

I would suggest you put the word count at the bottom of your post to make sure you have completed the assignment.

Your initial posting due by 5 pm AND you must post responses to at least THREE by MIDNIGHT (4 posts total of 1000 words)

So you could split the word count in whatever you want!! i just need to write about this topic more then 400 words and the rest are students responds witch has to be 1000 word count. 

every respond i need it in a different word document. 

Let me know if you didn’t get what i mean. 

Thank you

  student respond #1 .docx 

student respond # 2.docx

Student respond # 3.docx

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