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Create a 5 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation detailing your case study,  your living environment comparisons, and your team’s decision for the individual or couple. It is very important that as you address the questions below, you relate the information to your individual and his or her situation. In your presentation, address the following: 

Living Environment is: Assisted Living Facility. 

  • What are some effects of culture change in the continuum of care? How might future generations continue to affect it?
  • How have philosophies of technology-based living progressed over the last 10 years? How might they progress over the next 10?
  • What living environment option do you believe is the best for your individual? Explain why.
  • Include detailed speaker notes.

Here is the case study to read over Case Study.docx  We have chosen Assisted Living Facility as a best fit so please use this as the living environment. Thank you


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