Discussion board #3

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To start, please watch this video:


This is the link to search inside yourself https://www.scribd.com/book/163601220/Search-Insid… ( Read chapter one** I will give the logins)

This is the link to Intercultural communication in contexts ( read chapter 4*** http://content.lms.sabis.sakarya.edu.tr/Uploads/65…

We are already in week 5 of this semester! I hope you have already started to read Search Inside Yourself (SIY) and it is challenging your current ways of thinking. Some of you may believe whole-heartedly in what this book advocates for, and others may still be a bit skeptical; either way, that is okay. Regardless, I am appreciative of you opening your minds and exploring different types of knowledge. Much of what SIY discusses has sincerely changed my life. Through meditation and positive thinking, I have learned to control my emotions and accomplish more than I could have imagined prior to my own discoveries of what SIY teaches.

I would like this week’s reflection to be a chance to search inside yourselves and discover a bit more about your identity. An identity which you have the ability to create, and recreate, and then recreate again if you feel the urge to do so. Always remember, the footprint and impact you choose to leave on this planet and our society is YOUR choice. Contrary to all the naysayers, this is YOUR life. Contrary to all the negative energy you may come across that seems so hard to avoid and not let affect you, this is YOUR life.

One of the joys I hope to bring to your lives is the discovery that you do in fact control your attitude, your future, and the influence you have on others around you (whether good or bad, this is your choice). Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of hatred circumventing our existence. This hatred spreads like wildfire and causes much violence and unrest within and across the many cultures of the world. Where and when does it stop? It stops from the realization that not only do you NOT have to be a part of it, but you can actually reverse it by spreading kindness and compassion to others. Kindness and compassion are contagious and can be taught and learned.

One way I have learned to teach this is by showing others how to reflect on their daily habits and unveil the subconscious thoughts and attitudes that perpetuate these same habits. Meditation is an amazing tool to help one search inside themselves, by using brief moments in our chaotic daily lives to think, and exist, at a much deeper level through reflection and awareness. Slow, deep, full breaths help us slow down the world around us in order to see things a bit more clearly. Clearly enough to recognize the potential that you possess. The potential to help others in need. The potential to bring a greater sense of fulfillment to your own lives.

Now, please watch this video.


Take a moment at this point to sit up in a tall, comfortable position……. and breath…… slow…. deep…. breaths…. please take as long as feels good here before you continue….

Hopefully you are feeling a bit more relaxed and thinking a bit more clearly now. Maintaining your composure, please answer the following questions. Be honest. As always, no judgment on my end. Since your classmates may also be reading your post only share what you feel comfortable with others reading. *Be sure your total response is at least 500 words.

(1) Are you happy with what is currently going on in your life? Why? Why not?

(2) Envisioning your ideal future, what are a few major achievements you will fulfill?

(3) What are your honest thoughts about and past experiences with meditation? (I 100% promise I would never make a negative judgment based on your response).

(4) Why do you think you feel this way?

(5) Do you believe you are in control of your life? Why is this?

(6) What is your favorite and least favorite parts of Search Inside Yourself so far. Be specific (as in include page numbers, etc.)

(7) What do you think is the connection between Search Inside Yourself and Intercultural Communication Competence?

For your response to five of your classmates ( I have attached the 5 student’s responses to this question), please focus on using questions 6 and 7 when responding

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