Hospitality Employment Law

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Research and choose hospitality law related news from a credible industry news website, industry association site or from a governmental source. Legal news could be local, state or national legislation pending or impacting the hospitality industry occurring within the past 6 months. In the first sentence, indicate the article title, source, author, publish date and provide a direct web link to the article.

Prepare a concise summary of the legal news in your own words. If any part of the summary is plagiarized from the article, no points will be assigned for the entire assignment. You may use quotations from the article, as appropriate.

Your analysis and discussion of implications will comprise the majority of your post. Analyze and discuss what this legal event/ news/ legislation means in the context of the hospitality industry. Incorporate quotes from our text (include page numbers) and/or secondary sources for full credit. This section IS NOT YOUR OPINION, rather your informed analysis based on additional research. Think of this section as a researched discussion of potential implications for the hospitality industry; include both possible pros and cons from multiple perspectives.

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