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Based on what I have learned from my readings in Comparative Approaches to Program Planning some of the ethical considerations that I may face while developing my proposal for the capstone project are, ensuring that the research is designed to reach a diversified group while staying within the parameters of project question, and organizing a group of participants that are willing to provide truthful and useful answers that can be useful during the research process.

Keeping ethics at the forefront of program planning is critical for the coordinator because it allows for cultural sensitivity and sound decision making. “Whatever your circumstance, chances are you want to be a professional whose work has integrity and who has the capacity to use appropriate tools for problem-solving, decision-making, and planning (Netting, O’Conner, & Fauri, 2008 p.171).” By employing people with the necessary training and skills required in the human services field to effectively assist in the planning process, ethics and good decision-making skills will be evident. This approach will enable the coordinator to overcome possible problems within the program by gaining the support of other professionals with the same views. Keeping cultural diversity in mind while selecting participants will also ensure that needs are met for all groups. Continued training and education are also important factors to consider when putting together a research question that is aimed at answering a question pertaining to a social issue that needs to be addressed in order to help rehabilitate certain groups that are affected by the social inadequacy at hand. Clearly defining roles and outcomes for all participants will ensure that views are being represented for each person involved which can improve the end result (Froggatt, Goodman, Morbey, Davies, Masey, Dickinson, Victor, 2016). Defining roles for those who are employed by the program will also guide the process to ensure accurate data collection and consistency throughout the process.


Sobočan, A. M., Bertotti, T., & Strom-Gottfried, K. (2018). Ethical considerations in social work research. European Journal of Social Work, 1-14.

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