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I need an explanation why each of the below answer is the right answer.

1.  As
a result of the geopolitics of world war II, political geography as a
discipline went through an era of

Answer: marginalization,
when the discipline lost influence and became apolitical.

2.  According
to Mackinder, how would changing transportation technologies cause global power
centers to shift?

Answer: From Britain to

3.  Which
of the following is a critique of functionalist political geography?

Answer: It does not
question power relations and political structures.

4.  Which
one of the following describes a threat to state’s external sovereignty?

Answer: mafias and other
criminal gangs residing within the territory.

5.  With
its sovereignty split vertically between two levels, the United States is an
example of __________state arrangement.

Answer: Federal

6.  The
Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 marked the beginning of which of these?

Answer: the modern state
system based on territorial sovereignty.

7.  What
is the main purpose of the state according to pluralist state theory?

Answer:  the state mediates and adjudicates among
multiple interests.

8.  Painter’s
(2006) concept of statization refers to which process?

Answer: the state becomes
part of many aspects of social life and practice.

9.  Why
does Painter (2006) say that we should not reify the state?

Answer: The state is not
a distinct, idenfiable thing.

10.  What
does Garmany’s (2009) Pirambu favela case study demonstrates?

Answer: The relative
order in Pirambu is maintained by residents who want to be good citizens
despite the absence of the state.

11.  Which
statement best describes new localism?

Answer: It is
decentralized mode of governance that places more responsibility in local

12.  Which
of the f0ollowing statements about the relationship between states and nations
is TRUE?

Answer:  States can be used to promote the interests
of one nation over another.

13.  Which
of the following matches a classical modernist theory of nations?

Answer: Nations are
recent phenomenon associated with modernity.

14.  Access
to opportunities such as education and health care are considered which type of

Answer:  Social

15.  Which
statement about Haitian descendants born in the Dominican Republic is TRUE?

Answer: They were
recently granted de jure citizenship status.

16.  Which
statement about the Kayapo is TRUE?

Answer: They have lost
respect in Brazilian national politics.

17.  Why
did Panama’s revolution fail?

Answer: External
sanctions did not undermine the regime.

18.  Control
over a territory is sufficient to guarantee sovereignty.

Answer: False

19.  The
U.S Supreme Court is part of the coercive state apparatus.

Answer: True.

20.  According
to Nepstad (2011), revolutionary movements will likely result to a strategy of
violence if they view the people as the source of the ruler’s power.

Answer: False.

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