Sociology- Social Class assignment

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This is a blog assignment- opinion based- no references needed- 1-2 paragraphs 

explore this concept a bit more by examining some concrete ways in which the social classes in America today are distinguished from each other through some very basic aspects of our lives. 

Please visit the companion website for the PBS documentary People Like Us: Social Class in America.  Explore whatever you find interesting on the website–you might watch clips from the film, read real people’s stories about social class, and play tongue-in-cheek, but still serious, social class games.  As you review the site, think about how what you are seeing illustrates what you read in your textbook about social class and how it defines us.

**blog in which you answer this question: How much do you think social class matters in the U.S. today?

Explain/support your answer with your own experiences, examples, and reasoning AND with reference to what you read in your textbook and saw on the People Like Us website.

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