Reflection Paper on Inequalities in education

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To conclude our discussion of inequalities in American education, please write a reflection paper discussing your responses to what you have learned.  Your paper should be 2 pages or more in length, typed and double spaced.  You may discuss any aspect of what you learned from the textbook reading and videos on Jonathan Kozol.  For example, you might discuss:

  • How you feel when hearing and reading about racially segregated and impoverished schools
  • Whether you knew about these problems before this lesson and whether you believe most Americans are aware of them
  • What you think America should do, if anything, about these inequalities, and how you think we should do it
  • How what you learned about inequalities in schooling compares to your own schooling experiences
  • Questions and comments you have about sociological theories about education or about the particular types of inequalities explored in your textbook (e.g., the causes of differential achievement by race and/or gender)

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