Respond to two peers letters

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Peer One Letter

Robert S

Dear Parents,

My name is Robert Sedberry, and the kids call me Mr. Sed, I have been an assistant teacher for eight years. I have a Military background that I’m very proud of; I retired from the United States Air Force in 2011. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management; upon complication of my next class, I will have attained an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a passion for work in the field of early childhood education. I have Seven children myself, my wife and I both are big on promoting educating children.

The curriculum that I’m most proud to Implement to the children is an Antibias curriculum. This curriculum approach respects each child’s identity and each family’s culture. It teaches the children to acknowledge each person’s differences from language to racial and gender identity and family structures. The goal I would like to achieve is nurturing each child’s sense of identity. Encourage then to learn about each other. Help them differentiate about situations that are hurtful, inaccurate, or unfair. Always take appropriate action (Gadzikowski, 2018). As their teacher, it is my responsibility to build a positive relationship, foster individual self-worth, get along with their peers, and thrive (NAEYC, 2015).

I want each family member to feel like the learning environment that we have created for their child reflects the personalities of the children, educators, and families, and they identify with their environment. Parent’s involvement is the key to meeting the social-emotional need of their child. My job is to establish and maintains collaborative relationships and to gain your trust and respect (NAEYC, 2015).

We are so excited about our upcoming Health and Safety Community Night on February 20, 2020. We would like to cordially invite each family member to join us as we facilitate how to enforce health, nutrition, and safety measures at home. The program starts at 6 PM — a night of activities and fun for everyone. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sed

Peer Two


I’m Aaron Ratliff most of the time when it comes to kids I am referred to as Richard’s dad or Caleb’s dad. I am about to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration I have been thinking of getting my master’s degree but still uncertain. Now as you can see, I am not an expert on education but more the business side of things. I fully understand being a parent that programs for education for young children need to have an amount of connection between the teacher and the students but also the involvement of the parents. In education the need for the parents to help a child learn is as integral as having a teacher who can get the children to want to learn not just learn and regurgitate information. In this the parents can always help encourage their child while helping them to learn, I myself help my oldest to do his homework everyday I show him ways to simplify the problems so that he has an easier time getting the answers he needs while at the same time showing how he got the answer. Of course, my children were not the first children that I helped to learn, while growing up I helped my nine younger cousins to learn and to see the wonders of education. I helped them learn numbers, shapes, how to read, and several of them with mathematics. While not having a degree in education I still understand the need for a curriculum that helps the children learn in an optimum way so that they will want to continue their education like my nine younger cousins. As for what kind of curriculum I will use for teaching the children I was wanting to use the same on-line computer program I did with both my children which they have both excelled with which is the use of I know that people seem skeptical of using something they saw on tv, but this program has helped both of my children to excel in school. The main reason I would like to use this program is it helps the children to spell, read, do simple mathematics, and does it in a fun way so they want to spend more time learning. It will also make it easier for me to continue to teach them away from the computer the same things but with greater depth of the subjects so as to help them gain a deeper understanding of the material. Now as the parents I would like to have you work with them on learning to spell their names, to recognize letters, recognize numbers, and even help them by helping them learn to read. If you spend just fifteen minutes a day helping them do these things by the time they are in kindergarten they will be able to read, perform mathematics such as addition and subtraction and be off to having a brighter future. Young children’s learning and development are integrally connected to their families. Consequently, to support and promote children’s optimal learning and development (NAEYC, 2005). I have seen the results of this type of interaction because his school wanted to skip him ahead to second grade because of how gifted he is. I want all of my students parents to have that same opportunity to have administrators telling you that your child is so smart that they would benefit from being moved up grade levels, to know that your child has such confidence in themselves that they strive for success. Children who see themselves as highly valued are more likely to feel secure, thrive physically, get along with others, learn well, and feel part of a community (NAEYC, 2005). In conclusion I would like to say that if any parent wants to become more involved with their child’s education, I will always be glad to have them attend the class and help in everyway possible. I will be happy to address any concerns any parent has about how the class is taught with the methods I use to educate their students. Thank you for your time


Aaron Ratliff

Guided Response: Review your peers’ responses. Choose two peers to respond to. You will respond as if you were a parent in the classroom. You will thank your new teacher for his/her introduction letter and tell them what you are most excited about with this change is leadership.


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