COM 510 Week 8 Discussion

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For Part 1, create and deliver a verbal communication (recording your
presentation for submission to your instructor) that aligns with your Strategic
Communication Plan.

1. Develop and Deliver Your Verbal Communication

a) Use an impactful opening statement to engage, set context,
and/or create relevant meaning for the audience

b) Use compelling stories/statistics/facts to support your
key message

c) Where appropriate, make your request of the audience
clear and actionable

d) Use visual aids (where necessary) that support and
complement your verbal communication, but which do not
drive the conversation

e) Limit recordings to no more than 5 minutes

Demonstrate Professional Presence
a) Be authentic and genuine in your delivery

b) Use the appropriate tone and vocabulary for your audience

c) Use body language and eye contact effectively

d) Speak concisely with clarity and confidence

e) Build rapport and connect with your audience to grow
the relationship

f) Dress appropriately and employ an appropriate camera frame
(with a neutral background that is free of distractions)

g) Employ only professionally presented and appropriately
prepared visual aids, if used

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