Legal Basket – Amendment Constitution

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If you could propose one Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be and why?



This class has provided an overview of the U.S. legal system. We have studied Constitutional law. You have learned about the separate governmental branches and their respective powers. You have learned how rights are expanded or restricted. My hope is that you have grown to appreciate our Constitution’s durability. Still, many people talk about how they would change the Constitution if they could. Don’t like the Electoral College? How would you propose we change it? Don’t want the Supreme Court to control abortion rights, gun rights or same-sex marriage rights? How would you restrict the Court’s powers?

Your final exam is a one-sentence question. Do not let the simplicity of this question fool you. I expect a thoughtful, considered response.

Your response is limited to 400 words. Start your response by clearly setting forth your proposed Amendment. You can only propose one change.

You will be graded on the clarity of your ideas. Keep your ideas and your writing simple.

You will also be graded on the potential feasibility of your Amendment.

Is it workable?

Have you thought through the details?

Again, keep your ideas and your writing simple.

Finally, you will be graded on how persuasively your support your ideas.

Why this one change?

What makes your proposal worthy of inclusion in our Constitution?

Keep your arguments focused on reason not emotion.


Additional Instructions –

Please also realize that because this is exam, I expect you will demonstrate that you have read the assigned cases and course materials.

You are not required to reference any particular case or topic we studied, but I do expect your course-based knowledge to be evident in your essay.

The grading rubric for this assignment is as follows:

Staying with the word count 2 points

Clarity of Amendment 4 points

Writing structure, grammar, and editing 7 points

Analysis and course-based knowledge 17 points

As a reminder, analysis is the “why” behind your conclusions. For this assignment your analysis will include why this particular amendment. The Constitution has only been amended 27 times. Why did you choose your amendment to become the 28th amendment? Course-based knowledge does not simply mean citing cases. I should be able to tell you have studied the class materials through your response. For example, you might choose to place limits on the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branch based on cases we read and concepts we studied. Whatever choice you make, I should be able to see your deepened understanding of the U.S. legal system by reading your submission.

Your response is limited to 400 words. Good luck. Be impressive.

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