MLA STYLE, short answer response, I have to site the book I have an online copy I can send via studypool

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Answer all 10 questions as completely as possible. Cite only the textbook using MLA style.

1. What is Social Science? What is its importance? Which of the seven disciplines that makes up the social sciences is the most important? Why?

2. Briefly, what is Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection? What was the impact of the theory?

3. What are the most important moments in Western Civilization? Why? (Pick 3-5)

Bonus 1: What was the greatest moment in Western Civilization? What was the worst? Why?

4. Which is the more important factor in developing personality: Nature or Nurture? Why?

5. What have religions done that are good for society? What have they done that is bad? Why?

6.Since the industrial revolution, how has technology changed society? Has the change been good or bad? Why?

Bonus 2: What is the greatest technology/invention in the history of humanity? Why?

7. What is culture? What are some of the elements that make up culture? How does culture impact personality?

8. What is the purpose of the U.S. education system? Does it succeed? Why or why not?

9. How does geography impact society?

10. How has family changed in the past fifty years? What caused these changes?

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