Revision Essay

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Core Requirements

For a complete score on your Revised Controversy Paper, you must:

1) edit for clear mechanics, documentation and formatting (see section #6 notes from feedback sheet)

2) improve your introduction based on instructor feedback (see Week #5 instructor feedback and section #1 notes from feedback sheet)

3) complete/correct any incomplete core requirement concerns from first version (On the instructor-provided feedback sheet, the first questions, with parts in bold, in sections 2-5 pertain to core requirements.)

4) expand to at least Five FULL pages.

5) make meaningful improvements regarding your four revision goals, two assigned by instructor and two chosen by you. Note: These goals must go beyond editing level corrections, such as in grammar, punctuation or meeting the assignment core requirements. They also must not duplicate the two assigned goals from the instructor, though they could draw upon peer feedback regarding your introduction or draw from the non-assigned secondary questions (with no content in bold) on the instructor-provided feedback sheet.

6) Put all of your revisions in bold.

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