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This needs at least one of the references from week 2 the Annotated Bib:

2.Writing in the Workplace Essay Outline

For this discussion you will create an outline and/or rough draft that contains a brief statement of the solution or proposal you are generating followed by an outline that identifies at least three key issues that you will address. For each of the three or more issues, you should have a least one source from your annotated bibliography. You must provide both the annotation and a detailed explanation of how you plan to integrate it into the body of the report. The outline/draft of your report should be at least 400 to 600 words in length. You do not have to include a cover or reference page on this assignment, though your references should be clearly marked in the body of the text. Your post must include:

.A description of the company or organization.

. Aclear description of the problem.

. Research that supports your recommendations.

. A final set of recommendations or a single, specific recommendation that solves the problem.

. A final statement of the benefits of following your proscribed set of actions.

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