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i want you to write 4-5 pages about why education is important. Don’t write just information, you have to write why it is important for you. Make sure to justify your reasons and give examples. Also you can talk about how education can develop people and countries, and how illiteracy and ignorance are bad. Use one primary source, one scholarly secondary, and one additional reputable secondary. You have to tell me which source is primary, scholarly secondary, and additional reputable secondary in a page .Make the essay sounds like an international student. Don’t use a lot of high level words and make it simple.

NOTE: you have to write an outline about your ideas and proposal. You have to finish these and send them to me by tomorrow, so i can have time to look at your outline and proposal, then send me the essay on 20th of November. But don’t write the essay till i ask you to do it after i read your ideas. (If you cannot take this note seriously, don’t accept it).

.Open the file attached to have more knowledge about topic, proposal, outline, formatting.

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