the course is English essay writing

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in the Abstract: Write a 125-150 word abstract for the following research paper.Note: The abstract should give a clear overview of what will be discussed in the paper. Please make sure to provide the purpose of the paper, the key aspects covered, and write the abstract in the present tense. Avoid copying directly from the paper.

In the Paraphrase Exercise: Paraphrase the following passage from the reading in 80-90 words.
Note: In your paraphrase, you should change the wording of the text, but the ideas and meaning should remain the same. Please make sure to change vocabulary and sentence structure, but keep the same meaning. You will also be graded on spelling and grammar.

In the Critical Thinking Question: Respond to the following question in 175-200 words.
Note: Your response to the critical thinking question should include both the ideas you read about and your own ideas. Make sure to support your points with appropriate evidence or examples. Write your response in the form of a single paragraph or two. You will also be graded on your spelling and grammar.

Please when you finish solving any question, send it immediately.

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