homeless people in Tampa Bay area

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just editing the previous assignment u did for me

i got some feedback

i provided an example of how the final paper should look and what it should include.

1. USE PROJECT 3 problem description, problem background, impacted populations, and possible causes as the first half of your Project 4. You should combine all of your Project 3 drafts and can include the same section headings about the problem in either your background or introduction section. Think about it: Before you talk about solutions to your problem, you need to describe the extent of your problem. Project 3 was all about describing your problem. So copy and paste from Project 3 and include those four sections in your Project 4 background/introduction sections.

2. FORMATTING: Double space between sections and headings and paragraphs. Single space within paragraphs. Use block format (left-aligned) and don’t indent or center the text.

3. Genre sections: Include a cover page/title page, table of contents, list of figures, section headings for each section, and end references at the end.

4. References/citations: Include in-text citations and end references. Include sources for any information, including visuals, that you got from another source. Format end references in alphabetical order and with “hanging indentation,” found in the Paragraph menu.

5. You MUST include evaluation or decision criteria as its own section. In order to let the audience/reader know how you are evaluating the feasibility of your sources, you must describe the decision criteria. This should be its own section, consisting of 1-3 paragraphs (most people only have one paragraph for decision criteria, but it must be included).

6. Each of your solutions will require at least one new research source. You can’t describe a possible solution without citing some source where you got information about that as a possible solution or how it might work.

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