Gender Analysis

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Your assignment is to write a 3-4 page paper analyzing a media text from a gender perspective. Choose a text that is manageable, such as a commercial, an episode of a scripted or semi-scripted television show, or a short film. Pay particular attention to what the text tells us about gender. Some of the following questions may be helpful.

1) Do the gender representations in the text match the generally held assumptions about gender in society?

2) Do men in the text appear to ascribe to traditional masculine tenants? Do women appear to ascribe to traditional feminine tenants? And, of course, what are these tenants?

3) Does the text ascribe to traditionally heterosexist standards? Is it inclusive of LGBT communities?

4) Does the text “push the envelope” of our understanding of gender?

5) Is the text empowering?

The Danish Girl


– The paper is more descriptive than analytical. Point to ways in which femininity and masculinity is represented in the film? The film also struggles with sexual orientation and societies acceptance or rejection of such. For example, the wife decides she cannot live with her husband once he transitions. Furthermore, Lily seems to desire men. How are those nuances depicted in the film?

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