leadership development class- How shall I live

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Final Paper: How shall I live

Reflect on what you have learned about yourself during the semester in relation to your capacity to demonstrate leadership.

Paper should include:


❏Introduction and thesis

❏What does it mean to you to be a leader of integrity?

❏What principles or ethics guide your personal life and your leadership?

❏A scripture passage that supports your leadership philosophy.

❏How do you hope to lead others in your future career? (Reference strengths and emotional intelligence)

❏Describe two action steps that you can take to continue to develop into living as a healthy leader that creates positive change within a community.


Paper formatting:

❏3-5 pages in length (minimum of 3 full pages)

❏Times New Roman font in 12 point size

❏Double space (remove space between paragraphs) One inch margins

❏MLA orAPA format






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