A research paper

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Find at least four (4) sources that might offer some advice or information on your topic. You can find these sources in your college library or public library, in person or on-line, and at websites, or at a local bookstore. Popular advice books are acceptable, as long as at least two of your sources are of “scholarly” origin – i.e. journals, studies or research article.

Read your information from the sources you have determined, summarize, first for your own benefit, and then create a summary of information and

at least 3 pieces of advice in the area of your topic that you could offer to those with the same or similar question(s) as you.

Type 5 pages that include the above info and also explain how you can apply what you have learned to your personal life, and how it can benefit you. Before you finish, add some information as to whether this could benefit any other students and how they could incorporate this new advice.

I chose TRUST as my topic.

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