Final project statement for DESIGN class

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Submit a one-page typed statement here on BB before your critique. You’ll read this statement to the class when introducing your artwork at the critique.

In your statement, incorporate terms and vocab words that we have learned over the semester. Think of all the projects we’ve done. Here’s a few launching points:

-Interaction of Colors Project (Albers): simultaneous contrast, color relativity-Tunnel Book Project: atmospheric perspective
-Bezold Effect Project: hue, value, saturation of color
-Potluck Pattern Project: Itten 7 color contrasts (1. Hue 2. Complementary

3. Extension 4. Saturation 5. Warm/cool 6. Light/dark 7. Simultaneous contrast) –> are any of these present in your work?

-In addition to color, what relevant elements & principles of art are present in your portrait?

  • Include a title for your piece and what place you’re depicting.
  • In what ways are you using color symbolism or color psychology to represent your chosen place?
  • What was your color scheme and why?
  • Why did you choose the medium that you did?

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