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Professor Haeger has explained that there are three steps in the data-analytics process, and the first of these is to gather your data. Consider how you will gather your data and towards what end: What are the key business questions you’re hoping to answer?

Answer the following questions, using as much space as you need.

1. Describe the key business need you have for analyzing data or the problem you wish to solve. For example, do you hope to more effectively work with your inventory records, customer or guest records, sales data, purchase orders?

2. What is it that you need to do, better or for the first time? Describe your goal(s) for analyzing data.

3. As you reflect on your business need for performing data analytics, consider how you will gather your data. Will you be collecting it yourself, such as via a new customer survey? Will someone else in your organization, such as the customer service or HR department, collect the data and deliver it to you?

4. Now that you have identified your business need for analyzing your data, identify the main categories of data you expect to gather. For example, in terms of customer data, this might be: first and last name, street address, city, state/province, mailing code, email, phone, purchase history.

5. Describe your plans for making sure that the data you’re working with is accurate and up-to-date. How do you think you can best accomplish this? Which colleagues or departments will you need to collaborate with?

6. Set a timeline for success: What do you plan to do in the next month? In the next three months?

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