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Unit 1 discussion 

In the reading and video clip, you learned that professionals are always evaluating and re-evaluating their own practice. Part of learning to become a professional is learning how to hear constructive criticism from supervisors, mentors, peers, and even from yourself. This critical evaluation is necessary for professionals to continue to hone their skills and practice. Learning about constructive feedback is important because within the clinical interview, you as the professional will often give feedback to clients.

First, discuss a time when you received feedback that was meant to help you improve a skill.

  • Was the feedback helpful? Why or why not?

Second, think about yourself as a future professional. When professionals meet with new clients, especially those who have not had previous counseling, it is often helpful to explain what they can expect with the experience.

  • How can you assist clients with understanding that a professional counseling relationship differs from a casual conversation?
  • What role does feedback play in a quality clinical interview?
  • What are some positive ways to provide constructive feedback to clients?

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