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1.The two countries i have chosen to do this business plan that is Zambia and Zimbabwe. As far as you known that these countries is the poor countries in Africa and they have the unstable economy as well as politics status. Beside that the inflation rate within the two countries as high level and it is out of control from their government caused depreciated money and properties within the two countries. Moreover, people could not be educated as well that have resulted the low literacy and lacking of the knowledge for workforce. The ability workers here which can be at the seldom situation. On the other hand, civil wars is happening within the two countries that make the worse circumstance and lacking of health care from government make their people facing the dangerous sickness and always be in hungry status. That could be harder to improve the economy in their country with these workforce like this. Therefore, when you decide to invest or expand your business here, you should consider the domestic price and cost which have to pay for running business. The first thing to do that is observation it always be necessary in any strategy what you need to consider during the observation that could be the customer’s habits shopping as well as spending money. Which social classes will you aim? where is the best location? what are they like the quantity or quality? and then consider the competitors around you. The second thing that is the penetration, you are the big brand and you have the sufficient power and money to make the long race so the lost in first time penetration that could be acceptable in return for that could give you the knowledge about the place where you are running the business making some franchises within these areas that could be better building up the whole business in the first penetrating and then supplying what best things we have into the two countries but do not forget changing labels and language in order to correspond with your customers beside that supplying the stuffs our service have satisfied customers as well as listened to their opinions and complains. Eventually, when we have enough the information and knowledge about our investing market that time to decide to open the whole business and make our brand getting better by top up the policies for employee, health care could be applied and make sure that they are always in the great health case to work efficiently. the free training is also the good solution when working the lacking of ability workers. Supporting the education and helping the aid local organization those are also the ways to enhance our brand position in the market and make the trust in customers.      

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When it comes to expanding operations to African countries, Nigeria and Ghana are selected. Conducting business in these countries is not much easy as compared to conducting business in any other country. Both of these countries have an unstable political situation, poor infrastructure, low electricity level and changed language. The first challenge that our business would face is the changed language.
         Robbins et al. (2011) indicated that language could be the most common problem in cross-cultural communication, even people use the same language could have a communication problem because of different age and context groups could use words differently. Except for language differences, problems relate to language difficulties, could be semantics, word connotations, and tone differences. Semantics could cause communication barrier as there could be some uncommon words within different languages that might be difficult to translate.
        In order to overcome this issue, language training is significant as people need to adapt to another culture to communicate with others even though working with translators. Hence, employees should have a basic understanding of other languages such as understanding the semantic.
       Secondly, the lack of power is having a detrimental effect on businesses and households in Nigeria. Most establishments only receive a few hours of electricity a day from the national grid and have to make use of generators in order to secure 24-hour power. Over the past years, numerous manufacturing and other businesses had to close their doors because they simply could no longer remain competitive by running their operations on generators all day long. Many goods sold in Nigeria are therefore imported because it is not viable to manufacture in the country. The best solution for overcoming this issue is the adaption of renewable energy like energy from solar panels. Solar panel will assist the company in providing 24 hours uninterested electricity and the company can continue its manufacturing and meeting the customer’s demands.

Robbins, Stephen P., 2011, ‘Organizational Behaviour’, 11th ed., p. 320,PHI, New Delhi

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