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  1. According to the U.S. Justice Department, in 2003 about 10.4% of all African American men between the ages of 25 to 29 were incarcerated, as compared to 2.4% of Hispanic men and 1.2% of nonHispanic White men. What is going on here? Why are Black men in this age group so much more likely to be in jail than are people of White or Latino descent? Research the incidents of criminal prosecution, convictions, prison sentences, and time served by race and ethnicity for all three—African American, Hispanic, and White men. What factors or variables are associated with who gets involved in crime, why, and what happens to them in the criminal justice system? Also look into how many judges, lawyers, and lawmakers are White compared with those who are African American. What does this tell us about structured inequality?

Week 2: Project Proposal

Category Points % Description
Content 10 40 Discusses which topic scenario has been chosen and why, and how the topic is important to the study of cultural diversity.
Research Goals and Plan 10 40 Describes what the student expects to find and or what the students would be interested in learning; describes how the student plans to go about his or her research.
Organization and Editing 3 12 Proposal is well written, well organized, and free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Formatting 2 8 Proposal is in correct APA format, with a Title page.
Total 25 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Week 4: Reference List and Outline

Category Points % Description
Outline and Organization 35 47 Outline lists the main topics the project will cover and incorporates the key elements of the chosen topic scenario; outline is clearly written and wellorganized.
Reference List 30 40 Reference list contains at least four credible sources.
Formatting 10 13 Submission is in correct APA format, with a Title page.
Total 75 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Week 7: Final Paper

Category Points % Description
Content 105 70.2 Addresses each component of the chosen topic scenario, integrating concrete examples and strategies, and uses information from sources to support points.
Documentation & Formatting 15 10 Follows correct APA format, including a Title page and reference page with at least four credible sources.
Organization & Cohesiveness 10 6.6 Cohesive and well organized, with a clear introduction and a conclusion that summarizes the paper’s key points.
Editing 10 6.6 Uses proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Length 10  6.6 Meets minimum length requirement of six to eight pages of text.
Total 150 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

The following are best practices in preparing this project.

  • Include a Title page in APA format. For information on APA formatting, please see the APA reference materials located in your Syllabus.
  • Include an introductory paragraph that introduces your chosen scenario and previews the main topics your paper will cover.
  • Include a concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and the benefits of learning about the issues you’ve discussed.
  • Use headers to organize your paper and divide into sections as appropriate. 
  • Include a Reference page in APA format, with at least four credible sources. 
  • Check to be sure you’ve covered all the questions posed in your topic scenario and that you’ve provided clear strategies for problems that have been presented.

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