California Exam Volume II – Treatment Planning and Treatment, Unit 11 Same as 9 Basically help

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Hi June – I am really amazed at the challenges you
have faced while starting this program. I hope you are ok!

I thought your content of this paper more than
completed the assignment expectations. You have clearly identified a major
“theme’ of the paper and brought in ideas from your readings to support these
thoughts. Your organization is clear and
your ideas are well-stated.

Literally the
only thing that I noticed that is really
subtle is related to your in-text citations. If you have an entire paragraph
from one source, you would put the
in-text citation after the first sentence of the paragraph. Often times also, ideas that are not common
knowledge will be cited with an in-text citation (even if you personally know it – you have to prove that the
idea is legitimate). So, you will see a couple of places where I put “(CITE)” –
I would just insert a reference here (likely one of the two that you have here.

Please let me know if you have any questions!  This is
very well-done – especially given your circumstances.

~Valerie Glass 6/21/16

*****There is a video for this week that explains subject matter which consists of unit 9.

Tips for a successful completion of the Week 11 assignment.

Watch Video

Note: As always just let me know what you need. I will try to get it too you as quickly as possible.

Thank you Brenda.

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