This assginemnt is a bibliography for an upcoming research essay we are going to be writing about a specific city in Los Angeles and my topic is on North Hollywood,Ca

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Annotated Bibliography

The goal of this assignment is to help you compile, select, and study the sources you will use in your essay. It also asks you to spend time reading, interpreting, and analyzing your sources so that you can decide how you might incorporate them in your project. You may find through your studying of a selected source that it doesn’t quite fit the purpose of your essay and, in that case, you can choose not to use it. In any case, this assignment requires you to become familiar with the sources you’ve gathered and to consider how they might operate in your essay discussion (to help you develop your thesis/analysis or answer your guiding question).

Assignment Requirements

To create your bibliography, follow these guidelines (each of these is a required component of each entry):

1). List all of your selected sources in MLA format (8th edition)

2). Just below each MLA citation, write a 150 word abstract which includes the following


3). Before turning in a printed copy of your annotated bibliography:

A “complete” for this assignment will be awarded based on the correctness of your citations (MLA, 8th edition format) and the strength of your abstracts (all three layers covered, well-edited).

For details on formatting, check out the samples on Canvas and Purdue OWL.

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