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I need a make a survey type thing (Public opinion poll).

Discussion: Public opinion poll

This week’s

forum post includes a few steps, so make sure that you follow these directions.

1) Compose (and post) a reliable public opinion poll. Make sure to follow the attributes that one needs to follow to make a reliable survey that are described in this week’s material… Make sure that you use neutral language and that you have an “I don’t know” answer option. You won’t be conducting your survey with the public at large, so don’t worry about sample size

Here are some topics that you may consider, or come up with you own.

  • Funding for public education
  • Interactions between citizens and police
  • The cost of housing in the Bay Area
  • Funding of the military
  • Incarceration rates
  • Taxes
  • The cost of college

2) Surveys should be at least 10 questions long.

3) As part of your post, write a brief reflection (about 100 words) why you chose the topic that you did.

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