Nursing Scholarly Article Critique Paper

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GUIDELINES: Each STUDENT will hand in one formal paper. The paper is to be a
five (5) pages total (double-spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins).
Follow APA guidelines for a cover sheet, headers, pagination, references, etc.
Use APA format and label each section using the evaluation outline below.
The criteria guidelines below will be used to evaluate your paper.
Components of the Paper and possible point.

1) Analysis of basic
components/concepts of the
selected nursing theory.

Discuss in detail the
theory’s core concepts
and/or components

Use a secondary source
like your textbook or
scholarly article that
details the selected
nursing theory.

2) Application to Research and

3) Select two peerreviewed/practicebased articles in which
the same theory has
been applied to clinical
patient care issues (i.e.
multiple sclerosis, CHF,

Describe the key details
of each article (purpose,
sample size,
interventions, results,
future implications,
strengths & limitations).

Critically analyze and
summarize how the
research results can be
applied to primary care
and improve care
rendered by the family
nurse practitioner.

4) Precise APA style,
headers and
pagination, references,
proper use of
grammar/spelling, etc

This work will be check by Turnitin. See Rubric

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