Should general education requirements be continued (or discontinued) at your college?

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Thoroughly respond to the following prompt:

Compose a position argument on a controversial issue related to education. Before you take

a position, learn more about the issue and the debate surrounding it. Then frame the issue

so readers recognize that it merits their attention, consider and respond to views that differ

from yours, and develop a well

-supported, clearly organized argument that will confirm,

challenge, or change your readers’ views.

Essay Requirements:

– Essay must be at least 1,500 words (not including the Works Cited page). Please include the

word count in your heading.

– Works Cited page is required and must, like the rest of the essay, follow MLA format.

– At least one credible source is required.

– Your essay must be submitted on Canvas by the deadline.

Essay Evaluation:

Before turning in your essay, make sure your essay abides by the four basic features of this


– A Focused, Well-Presented Issue

– A Well-Supported Position

– An Effective Response

– A Clear, Logical Organization

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